Waxing Versus Shaving (Why Waxing Is Always The Better Choice)

In this article, I will explain why waxing is the best choice when it comes to hair removal and why prefer it to shaving.

The summer is finally arriving with the costume fitting and the desire to show the parts of the body we have hidden during the winter. And how to have perfect skin?

The razor is certainly the most practical, least painful and fast method, but it has many contraindications. Let’s see together why it is not the right choice!


Hair grows back much faster using a razor rather than waxing. With the razor, the hair grows back after a few days, while waxing guarantees results for 2 weeks.

With shaving, the hair is only cut and not removed at the root as with waxing. As time passes, thanks to waxing, the hairs weaken and grow more slowly, the razor, on the contrary, strengthens the hair, and it grows back faster.

Goodbye cuts! People who habitually use the razor blade are used to having occasionally some small cut or lesion on the skin, the cuts can cause inflammation and then turn into scars. Shaving is certainly not a delicate method and can also cause redness and dryness. Waxing, on the other hand, is much gentler on the skin and makes it softer and free of imperfections.

Sure, waxing can be scary and is always thought to be very painful, but after using this method for some time, the hair will be weaker, and the pain will noticeably decrease.

Eliminate the risk of ingrown hairs!. After razor-cutting, the hair can grow back ingrown or double. On the contrary, waxing greatly decreases the risk of ingrown hairs, which in addition to being unsightly, can cause real inflammation and irritation.

Let’s summarize what are the benefits of waxing!

· Lasts longer.

· Weakens the hair.

· The skin is more hydrated and smoother to the touch.

· Perfect for the most sensitive skin.

· Fewer ingrown hairs.

· Decreased risk of irritation and infections.

For optimal waxing, always contact a specialist who will be able to advise you on the best treatment and will depilate your body safely and with fantastic results!

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